Mission, Vision, Values


- Our Mission - 

To be a haven for knowledge, community, and conversation for the next 50 years.



- Our Vision - 


To curate memorable, community-based experiences, leveraging all the treasures of literature, for the intellectually curious, passionately creative, and socially engaged.




- Our Core Values -

As a transformative independent bookstore, Tattered Cover staunchly defends free speech, facilitates conversation and influences positive change.
Tattered Cover encourages academic curiosity, the earnest exploration of ideas new and old, and the pursuit of creative expression.
Tattered Cover is a cultural institution: the physical reflection of a commitment to community dialogue, social engagement and responsible commerce.




Every Tattered Cover guest receives excellent best-in-class service, predicated on respect and responsiveness.
Tattered Cover is dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless. Our stores, employees, books, and events will reflect the community we serve. All ideas can be represented within Tattered Cover’s books – but certainly not all ideas are accepted by Tattered Cover.
Tattered Cover is proud of our hometown, its unique history, particular spirit, rugged independence, limitless potential, and wonderful people - and we love the sunshine and the mountains.  We will cherish and respect the local culture institutions, people, and things that are great about each community in which we do business.